Mar 06, Posts: QVGA on the Ki. If anybody can figure out how to download the themes from this site it would be really cool.. Also included is the Netfront web browser, which is far superior to most feature phone browsers, though it can’t compete with the excellent Nokia S60 3rd Edition smartphone web browser even other smartphones come up short against Nokia’s browser. You can use the included dull ringtones or set any MP3, video or recorded audio as a ringtone. The Netsuke was in a room on a white not yellow shelf with good natural lighting. If it is work describe file’s absolute location , it doesn’t need to write all this swf file and thm file to phone’s filesystem and it’ll very easy to change!

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The Ki is arguably more attractive and is bit flxsh, has better voice quality and a much better glash player. The phone definitely makes a good iPod substitute when used with a 2 or 4 gig card. Bottom cover open to show the battery compartment along with the SIM card and memory card slots.

PHP work fine with no crashes or memory errors. So I can;t figure out how to f,ash any of them. So in answer to what you said u gotta do wt im tryin to do an that just wont work u have to embed the menu in the phone. Dust specs come and go under the clear plastic that protects the lens cover and lens. Media uses the Sony PSP interface which is both intuitive and cool looking.

If it is work describe file’s absolute locationj850i doesn’t need to write all this swf file and thm file to phone’s filesystem and it’ll very easy to change! Anybody has any idea about it? The Ki has Bluetooth 2. Obviously, the 5 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and Xenon flash is the centerpiece of the Cybershot Ki. My Blog Urs Siva.


The N which runs the latest camera firmware available for the N95 line is still too slow: Thanks for the menu’s!!! You can use the included dull ringtones or set any Flwsh, video or recorded audio as a ringtone.

We tested the phone with the Motorola S9 Bluetooth stereo headset and got some of the best sound we’ve ever heard come out of those headphones whose bass otherwise seems a little weak earbuds just don’t deliver a lot of bass oomph and we heard less white hiss than usual the S9 flasu to have background hiss with most phones.

Also on the bottom edge, beside the battery door you’ll find the Sony Ericsson Fast Port connector for the charger and headphones sorry, no 2.

Sony Ericsson Ki – Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Sound with the included stereo earbud headset with inline mic HPM is also clear and quite loud. Marble Madness is very cool and a great deal of fun since it uses the phone’s motion sensor, which means you tilt and turn the phone to guide the marble through the maze.

I found a link showcasing some very cool flash themes for SE phones that support flash.

Front facing video conferencing camera not supported by US carrier services. Audi quality through stereo earbuds and even stereo Bluetooth headsets is excellent, with good stereo separation, strong bass even stronger if you turn on Megabass and clear highs. The keypad numbers and d-pad ring are backlit in white, and the when the camera is on, the shutter button lights up with a thin blue LED line there’s also a blue LED ring that surrounds the lens which lights up briefly when the camera is turned on.


To transfer songs and other media to the phone you can use a card reader or put the phone in USB 2. The camera uses an LED actually 3 tiny LEDs to illuminate the scene for focus and fires the power-hungry Xenon flash only when snapping the photo. These are fairly powerful by feature phone standards, with most Outlook fields supported included home and work address, email address, URL, birthday and more. Hi i No i keep posting but cmon guys i need replys.

Camera Flash Flex Cable for Sony Ericsson K850 K850i

Please let me know how! Built in speaker, mic and Sony Ericsson Fast Port stereo headphone jack.

The 5 megapixel camera has an autofocus lens, automatic lens cover and a Xenon flash. A meg M2 card is included with the phone but no M2 to Memory Stick adapter for use with a card reader is included. And now we have the 5 megapixel autofocus battle of late We think the 6 month clash intro isn’t such a bad thing for a variety of reasons, including 1 the two phones target different users: The Ki’s Xenon flash illuminates close subjects very well, but doesn’t add much ambient lighting, which means your subject will be decently exposed but awash in a sea of near blackness.

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