For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I am going to put forward the three effective methods to do so. Can you also post some information on using the dongle after unlocking it? Hats off to you for helping us to unlock the dongle so that we can use it with any SIM. And your Idea Netsetter should be unlocked. I would have just linked to the Cellarena post and be done away with the explanation, but thought that I could further simplify the process. Advice on that please.

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Apologies to those who can no longer fleece the gullible for the unlock codes. Write detailed comment, relevant to the topic.

Awards Top Earners New Posts. You can do this by giving default netetter for unlocking i. Nityananda Hazarika 19 Apr Member Level: Thanks for giving the information and for saving my rupees for unloking the same Net Setter. Today everyone opts to buy a USB dongle to connect to the internet via this small portable pocket device. The first time, it connected by default but later just refused to.


Idea NetSetter USB

This is a strictly moderated site. January 14th, 3. January 14th, 4.

Maggi fan after Maggi ban. This code is not same for every device because it works on the behalf of the ifea IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity which is different for every available device in the world.

Navin 22 Nov ideea Therefore, the unlocking was also a matter of making a statement. Please have a look and thanks for informing me about the same. I have updated the link. Idea netsetter is an internet datacard service.

Download the tools here: Next Caught on Cam: Insert the unlock code generated by Universal MasterCode. Neeraj The first link of Huawei code tool is not working because Rapidshare is offline now. And things should work fine. Thanks for the tips and procedure. Everything else is free yes, even the unlocking code. Then read this article and get to know about the ideaa and specifications of Reliance 3G USB dongle along with its price in India.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. Now what should I do?


process of install usb idea netsetter dev… – Apple Community

Please can you help for Airtel 3g dongle also? Thanks for saving money. Idea, or more precisely Huwaei, lock the devices to be used with only the intended network. This software from Huawei automatically generates the code when a proper IMEI number is given to it and implements in the default dongle software. I would have just linked to the Cellarena post and be done away with the explanation, but thought that I could further simplify the process.

January 16th, 9. Netstter type – unlock Huawei E Read complete instructions, step by step guide and troubleshooting instructions to resolve any connectivity issues with Huawei E Then click on the Save button, followed by the Set as Default button and then the ok button.

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