Window Bug in surround is also fixed? Had to roll back due to driver fail. Sometimes my game “stops responding” at the exact same time as my buddy. So I did uninstalled the previous driver and did a system restore to a week ago but am still getting crashes. Like a task manager notification will minimize my game and pop up and it says that the game could cause a memory leak do I want to close.

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Actually last night was the first time that I feforce playing crashfree aside from the 3 steam disconnects at the beginning which caused my game to crash Good it’s being looked into though.

It appeared to be an issue with possibly the game requesting to much from the card. I am on the previous driver tho So I did uninstalled the previous driver and did a system restore to a week ago but am still getting crashes.

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No crashes with the newest drivers. Thinking of buying a more modern card and seeing if that’s any better. I found out that i could correct crashing by changing the video settings from using 2gb ram to 1gb ram.

Depending on how long I play. Not the best I actually did buy a GTbut am considering purchasing a Looks like no DayZ for a while then. Thx for the fast thread creation Cyris. I had already lost hope. If geforcr have proof of admin abuse, report it to the GSP which hosts it By following these instructions.


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Not sure if it’s related to this or another issue, but according to GeForce Experience, they have rolled back to Cyberdyne Senior Member Posts: Any ideas what could be it?

Now with patch 1. The error i see is has to do with the vid driver which looks like it is corrupting something on boot and forcing a shutdown. The actual driver itself crashed several times, not the games I was playing. I hope everybody can play crash free again.

Thanks for the info mate. No crashes, but I’ve only played on experimental for about 2 hours. Submit a new text post. The nvidia installer failed to perform a clean install and only managed to remove my driver it failed at installing a new one when I first attempted to roll back so I had to manually remove the driver a second time by deleting the entire nvidia file containing the driver and reinstall the older driver from scratch.

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I gefprce just restored my computer few days ago and it didn’t go away, but the crashes just started happening a few weeks ago or so. I had 2 or 3 crashes last night. Dictator93 Senior Member Posts: Simply plug and play, and press the predefined hotkey in-game to activate 3D.


3352.3 I have had problems for a while where occasionally, my game will force minimize for a moment, when it comes back up I have full control of all stuff ingame, full audio, but no video, I am just staring at my desktop, and nothing I try gets my video back. I had one crash last night after installing to the new drivers.

I rolled back to the previous driver of course.

So whether it was just a server blow up or we both crashed due to similar hardware issues idk. The Terrible Puddle said: I always close Steam now before updating and have noticed that it’s helped. It crashes after a couple of seconds after i have joned a server.

So the new driver is making it worse.

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