Cleaning The Keyboard Using The Keyboard Using The Memory Card Reader Memory Card Reader Configuring The Audio Jacks Managing Hard Drive Space Starting Your Computer

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Accessing The Online User Guide Managing Hard Drive Space Checking Out Your Computer Loading An Optical Disc Checking Hard Drive Space Identifying Optical Drive Types Replacing The Media Panel Replacing The Front Bezel Setting Up A Maintenance Schedule Cleaning The Mouse Adjusting The Volume Configuring The Audio Jacks Recovering Pre-installed Software And Drivers Transferring Files And Settings Manually Upgrading Your Computer Waking Up Your Computer Using The Mouse Starting Your Computer Memory Card Reader Tt5246 The Side Panel About This Reference Replacing The System Board Before Calling Customer Care Replacement Parts And Accessories Emachines Contact Information Restarting rebooting Your Computer Connecting A Dial-up Modem Modem cable Or Dsl Defragmenting The Hard Drive Scheduling Maintenance T546 Replacing The Side Panel Checking The Voltage Selection Cleaning The Monitor Closing The Case Maintaining Your Computer Protecting From Power Source Problems Table of contents Table Of Contents

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