Under “components tab”, double-click on the “internet tools” category. Select the “Network TeleSystems P. This is a visual error only, which has been fixed in version 1. This is because ATM cells are fixed length with a payload capacity of 48 bytes, and adding a greater extra amount of AAL5 payload due to additional headers may require one more whole ATM cell to be sent containing the excess. Take measurements and compare with other users on your network.

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Set the subnet mask to You do this by installing EnterNet on the gateway system, and sharing the other systems as client machines. Click here to contact TP-Link technical support. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service The above information does not work for everyone. How do I get Dial-on-Demand to work?

This document is provided for information purposes only. This is usually not as serious a security risk as one would think, since the NetBIOS and SMB your network routers normally discard packets that comprise the File sharing. How do I get EnterNet to run as a service and p.p.po.e.adapter shut down, when a user log’s off?


Internet disconnect with Windows XP

Often your problem will have been fixed in the latest version, but your ISP hasn’t finished their own internal testing requirements before they can go to distribution. Respond with an affirmative to save the editing and to close the editor. Step 2 Select Creat a new connection. At this point I believe that my current setup will not work. However, EnterNet V1. In all cases, you can avoid potential problems if you uninstall EnterNet before upgrading to Windows Me. To turn it off: Again, thanks for all the input.

After upgrading, you can reinstall EnterNet as long as it is version 1. Support is planned for V2. We do not offer free upgrades for users of previous versions, but you might try contacting your ISP for the latest version. The Connect using a dial-up modem option in the New Connection Wizard is unavailable appears dimmed.

We wish we could do more, but for now this is all we can recommend: You are posting a reply to: EnterNet has two different “tap” drivers built into the software: You can still remove EnterNet by opening the installer distribution CD version 1. Server Communication Failure or Time-out while connecting to server” error.


Wayjac – the icon on the system tray has a red “X” on the normal icon of the 2 blue computers.

Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet – Wikipedia

Upgrade to EnterNet V1. I appreciate all the help that you’ve given.

Check the checkboxes for detailed logging and Packet Log. The article [ Q ] describes how to configure Windows to automate the logon process by storing your password and other pertinent information in netwoeks registry database. Click on the radial for “Never dial a connection”. EnterNet has been tested with service packs 1 and 2.

Disconnect and exit EnterNet. You should be able to uninstall A.

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