To summarize the entire process to a simple step-by-step guide [2]:. Your name or email address: Sounds like you missed the Data mover step? I think the Iprep method is best of all, fast and simple to use, I dont no much about the other methods, so they might be better, but Iprep is pritty straight forward. I’m going to attempt the flash downgrade this week but not sure I have the correct cable to connect Asus drive to old Dell Dimension ?

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In this case the wrong SATA port address is used. InsaneNutterSep 4, I went to nvidia.

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Although you need wires with pre-cramped hooks at the ends, e. Essentially the key can be found by following this sequence [1]:.

Liteon DGD2S Erase/Flash Support Here! DONT think its a brick read first. | Page 6 | MaxConsole

Yes, my password is: After that everything went smoothly per the instructions, but I did take detailed notes as I went along and made refined instructions for my own edification, should I need to do this in the numer.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. Did you also try the Dosflash Windows version? I have a copy of the application, not the ROM image. In other words, has your drive the same label stick reporting SVC Code: Thought about giving my friend another chance EuF3y9qzwx Thanks to TeddyRaspin and the community for the great tips and resources.

Xbox 360 Lite-On DG16D2S Extract Key

Sorry, missed this the first time. Hello, I set up a PC with windows 7 32 bit set in ide mode and seems to have managed to read the firmware that I will attach.

DosFlash e 1 a0 1 4 D8 1 D8 is the sector erase opcode for the BenQ flash, if you need to erase another drive, lookup the value in thw datasheet or DosFlash. Nforce sata, if in iprep no options are showing up use “refresh” button near the drop down menu.

The parts are cheap and it isn’t hard to build.

Other required parts are 5x 0. Cannot open device g. I tried the last firmware. DosFlash w 1 a0 1 4 a: I would also like to ask, what is the procedure once you have the key from a lite-on, if you can get a samsung ms28, I have not been able to find the full procedure to swap drives and been able to play backups with the sammy Thanks. As a side note, all this also work exactly the same on a BenQ drive.


Here is what I did czary2mary: Composed of only resistors, diodes, transistors, and a capacitor. Apr 26, Messages: Press ‘n’ on any prompts.

DosFlash v2.0 Build 20110903 Download

Like a wise man said: Thanks, the Phoenix shall rise. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with devilclaw’s flasher. On Hitachi-LG drives, first restore the original firmware before flashing the new spoofed firmware. The methods have been tested with the BenQ and the Sammy. The following help screen is displayed if you start DosFlash with a wrong number of parameters: Where this firmware was downloaded from.

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