Keeps them from spending money on phone techs that could help. It occurred to me that I might try to loosen timings. Sat Oct 13, 5: If the issue becomes repeatable, please report it again. PCI0]bus is 0 i got a promlum from this error can you help me..

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One of my father’s coworkers came here on vacation and carried the replacement DIMM with xg33fb. My only concern is that its amp breakdown is for old-style systems where the 3. It’s much cheaper to have someone working for peanuts somewhere, reading windows support scripts from a monitor. I installed the DIMMs, and while this time all the RAM was recognized by both the BIOS and bit Linux lost only MB of it to remappings, yea for the G33 chipsetthe computer started spontaneously rebooting or hardlocking once every several hours one to three times a day.

Getting Linux to Run on Intel DG33FB Motherboard – DataBook® for Linux

I’m not sure what would happen if you put a dimm in. Test with all four DIMMs to verify the issue is still there and that stressing the system with mprime can trigger it.


Wed Oct 10, Please answer the following questions – 1. If the issue becomes repeatable, please report it again. Tue Oct 09, 9: All times are GMT This is not the default.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board DG33FB

Make sure it’s getting the voltage which the manufacturer specifies. BB code is Dg33b. I had been running with the aforementioned ATX12V 1. All of the experimentation was done on my development box.

So far it’s holding up 9 minutes, three times longer than it took for it to die the first time. Sat Jun 09, Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius linhx Subscriptor. Originally posted by chalex: CPU-Z screenshots as promised: Did you try swapping the memory between the different memory slots? Mon Oct 22, 5: You are not directly dg33fg to this bug’s notifications. What an epic tale. Once I have that I’ll check it for faults and transfer files back, then take this back to the vendor for a replacement.


I dont know what is that HECI means. The other modules’ label part numbers are quite similar to their SPD part numbers, so it indeed looks like this is re-marked RAM.

Fortunately I did not have to do a windows reinstall as this guide worked aside from booting the windows installer in efi mode to get into recovery: Jan 23, Posts: Originally posted by Onten: I refer you to my original post and my response to Ligushka’s post.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. August 12th, 1. Mon Nov 05, 6: SunBlackbird Gerbil In Training. I’m going to try testing again.

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