Nick you are posting in the right section the wrong question. This can be done by visting our web site http: On the top of that, the further away from the source, the lower the signal and the higher the noise. I also tried something with the apple “Terminal. Thanks for the great article! Me May 27, at 8:

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Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: Kismac: The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler

Anonymous November 13, at 7: I did a quick test and it seems that when the Airport Extreme is in passive mode, it adds an extra octet for some reason. Leandro Cury November 26, at 8: The reason that Alfa didn’t work at all I spent lots of hour to understand those before: What am I missing?

Jens Bodal June 20, at 3: I wanted to know why when I try a weak scheduling attack at two different times about the same number of IVs the first time out immediately the ASCII key while at the second attempt began to test all the keys, etc.

Maybe this weekend I’ll make it! A friend of mine taking a class in Internet security and told me about kismac, and I have learned much about how it works and how often it doesn’t by playing with it and reading the various faqs and tutorials.


I just dont know what seems to be the problem, any help at all should be greatly apreciated, since we are students and lack the economical power to adquire our own private modem. I’ve tried googling these, but wasn’t able to find anything useful Thank you.


Admin March 17, at 6: Worked great for wep hack gonna try the wpa dictionary attack now The longest part is collecting the unique iv’s. Admin April 3, awus036u 5: I sure may be a bit stupid somehow coz I m just not into computer stuff but art.

Thanks for the Info!

Furthermore, I have tested the injection and 1 trough 18 are green dots, the last ones are red. Big SAM October 10, at 2: THey are claming better reception but it may just be a marketing ploy. I suppose the answer rest in your question: Have u tested it out before to hack wifi password eg, WPA2 and prove that it works? I cannot NOT vouch for anything: Enter it and then the terminal will uninstall the device from the computer. There is no crashing I am able to scan except it is extremely slow almost to slow that the program is impossible to use and the thinking wheel is constantly spinning.

Thanks in advance and keep the good work J. However this is the sketchiest thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Or another software or commands?? Many thanks for your help. Hope you can help me resolve this, it might be more of a known field. Big Sam “I have 70 signal strength and captured up to 2.

Secondly, I tried the Newshame bit attack and found out it works brilliantly under 20s having just awuus036h collecting packets but the key it gives me is “for Key 0” or something no ASCII key if that helps. It is noted in the Kismac support documentation that the software will not work with USB devices if you have the device drivers for the device installed on your Mac, and this is correct.

Because I tried to open it in TextEdit, but it’s all encrypted ; Hope you can help. Follow the chain of version builds, it’s the 2 nothing, and to reiterate, why is this version suddenly not capitalize the MAC part, that all earlier versions have? Anonymous March 16, at Kali App Makes Them Work.

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