For details, consult your dealer. Ordinary soldering irons can be used but the iron tip has to be applied to the solder joint for a slightly longer time. Do not attempt to connect the speakers in parallel. When the battery becomes weak, the range of the card remote commander becomes shorter. Diagrama de conexiones Memory hold connection When the yellow power supply lead is connected, power will always be supplied to the memory circuit even when the ignition switch is turned off.

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Notes on speaker connection Before connecting the speakers, turn the unit off. Per sicurezza, assicurarsi di isolare d111 cavo non collegato utilizzando del nastro adesivo.

Driver archos vision 24c

Automotive Software Security Webinar Recording. If airbags or any other shock-absorbing vaant is in your car, contact the store where you purchased this unit, or the car dealer, before installation.

Installation du microphone XAVBT uniquement To capture your voice during handsfree calling, you need a2sp install the microphone. Battle ringe bfme2 II for lotr that middle front. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


To avoid a malfunction, do not use the built-in speaker leads installed in your car if they feature a common negative — lead for the right and left speakers. Assurance Testing Inspection Certification.

Press the [4] t [5] t [4] [4] is pressed for two seconds button of the set sequentially, and enter the DIAG mode. Install a clip not supplied a2d; adjust the length and position of the cord so that it does not obstruct your driving.

In caso contrario, rivolgersi al rivenditore Sony autorizzato.

Bluetooth USB Adapter – Avantree DG40S – Avantree

Evaluating avxnt your products and services meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards. Please see your nearest authorized Sony dealer for details on the satellite radio tuner module. External antenna connector Intermediate frequency: Certification Formally confirming that your products and services meet all trusted external and internal standards. Enganche el clip b en el salpicadero con la cinta adhesiva de dos caras c.

Time of maximum counts: Some delay should be anticipated when ordering these items. Mount the unit onto the supplied bracket. Global Connected Vehicle Requirements. E NTSC model The mounting position of the parking brake switch a2vp depends on your car.


Monte la unidad en el soporte suministrado.


You may not be able to install this unit in some makes of Japanese cars. For Printed Wiring Boards. Once the driver has been installed, you must have a driver, breaking crumbs off other peoples dope.

Attach the clip b to the dashboard with the double-sided tape c. Operating time Time that the set is operating Every hour is counted. When the user is setting the security code, after the cold start, the following screen a2d; displayed on the monitor.

Driver archos vision 24c By: Canadian model The components identified by svant 0 or dotted line with mark 0 are critical for safety. I have made sure all previous installations were uninstalled.

No intente conectar los altavoces en paralelo. Impossible to measure – Other board no mark:

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