If message persists, cartridge needs to be replaced. The printer has received a command to manually feed an envelope. A file identified by a name string operand of file or run cannot be found or cannot be opened. An attempt has been made to remove an object from the operand stack when it is empty. An exit has been executed for which there is no dynamically enclosing looping context, or it has attempted to leave the context of a run or stopped operator.

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HP Maintenance Kit for LaserJet 3si & 4 si – Reconditioned

Attempting to write to an input file or to a file that has been closed will also cause an ioerror error. Printer returns all Printing Menu and Configuration Menu settings to factory defaults. A PostScript implementation limit has been exceeded. The operand to makefont or setfont is not a well-formed font dictionary. This means that you are able to purchase a HP Maintenance Kit at an even greater discount and in exchange, you agree to send us your used fuser assembly. Make sure communication is set up properly and attempt to print again.

One or more of the operand, dictionary, or execution stacks contains composite objects whose values were created more recently than the save whose context is being restored. This usually occurs because some operator did not have all 3sk its required operands on the stack. The printer is ready to use in PostScript mode.


If message persists, cartridge needs to be replaced. Since the current path is empty, there is no current point but an operator requiring a current point has been executed. A name used as a dictionary key in some context cannot be found.

Both types of cartridges match the OEM stated page yield meaning we deliver as many pages as the major printer brands, sometimes we even beat the yield of original cartridges, helping you print more from one cartridge than you would with the original brand. The printer’s top cover is not properly closed. Both are great value, high-performance cartridges for home and business use at a low cost.

Data will be ignored and no printout will occur. Communication settings and or connection are not set properly between computer and printer. Message displayed afterpages have been printed. The RMA number also must be clearly visible on the outside of the box. A font cartridge was removed or replaced while the printer was off line and contained buffered data.

Extended Systems card is a combination AppleTalk and parallel interface. A PostScript internal controller error has occurred. The printer has received a request for an envelope size not currently loaded. A font cartridge was removed while the printer was trying to read it.


HP Laserjet 3si

Printer is ready to use laeerjet PCL mode. Turn printer Off then On. The toner cartridge is not installed correctly. Operand of the wrong type.

HP Laserjet IIISi

This can occur either during interpretation of an executable file or string object or during explicit invocation of the token operator. A firmware error internal to PostScript was detected. An expansion memory card has been installed out of sequence. Our Quality Our experts are constantly testing and researching new printing technologies to ensure our inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges are as good as, if not better, than the major cartridge brands.

Data sent to the printer was too complex.

The printer has received a request for an envelope from a unspecified source and the envelope feed is not installed. A file identified by a name string operand of file lasrjet run cannot be found or cannot be opened.

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