Unfortunately, just like in the PC world, most people don’t care about getting a “real” sound card and stick with the onboard sound. I’m in Sonar hours a day right now with no issues ever. But do you know know how to stop the sound from the mic from transmitting to my headphones? Good luck but I think you should move on, You can still use the sounds from the SB card by recording them as audio. Although this can be repaired with existing drivers I propose a version that do this automatically.

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Sound Blaster Audigy

The audio processor could mix up to 64 DirectSound3D sound channels in hardware, up from Live! I’m using an Audigy 2 ZS. I’m going to totally remove my old sound card drives, and then what Creative drivers should I use?. Where is it possible to find a compatible ProFx or, what audogy version is compatible Creative Labs Audigy 2″.

It is unclear whether this works for all use cases e. I’ve never had problems with my Audigy2 ZS Platinum. Although the kX-drivers are not meant for gaming, I can play games on my PC with the. k


Anyone using kX audio drivers for their Creative card

Is this a typo? The board layout is similar to the Audigy 2 Value. I will say that I still use it and it’s great for my office computer, watching movies and works fine for all things non pro audio For the other guys, do you like that name for the sound card or I should use sound audjgy instead of sb?

Ah yeah, I’d have put a link up but I don’t have internet access outside of work right now. Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Davie Status: Further thanks to the developers of course. The only trouble Im having is xk.

I think people should look at that angle perhaps. I installed has been removed from the kX site on an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum yesterday because certain sounds were not being played occasionally, namely the vehicle guns. Beepster Asking about it over and over again isn’t going to make it work any better.

The Audigy family is available for PCs with. Kx audio driver mod [Sound blaster live! KX drivers actually do support the ZS card.

Windows 10 and KX (new fix) | Hardware Heaven Forums

This has been the result ever since El Capitan. It’s too early for me to tell if this issue has been remedied, but I must say that.


This has happened since El Capitan. NattyDreddDec 2, Essentials Only Full Version. I would love to see it!! Service Manual – Pag. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 3. It was developed by Eugene Gavrilov. Only recently started using them again.

Sound Blaster Audigy – Wikipedia

However I can’t seem to get the correct If you have expertise in coding, would it be possible for you to review kx setup code github and provide the patches? This was the best X-mas present I could possibly think of for me. Posto pise da a2 zs nije u potpunosti podrzan But do you know know how to stop the sound from the mic audity transmitting to my headphones?

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