Ethernet controller model Ethernet controller model X. The aperture is a portion of the PCI memory address range dedicated to graphics memory address space. The following screens are examples only. Power Motherboard power jack Motherboard power jack. After connecting the single end to the onboard floppy connector, connect the remaining plugs on the other end to the floppy drives correspondingly. Supervisor Password has higher priority than User Password.

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Setup guide | EliteGroup 661FX-M Motherboard – F:\video-661fx\661FX

Chipset model Chipset model X. RAM Triplel-channel mode support. This is the munimum interval between completing one read or write and starting another from the same non-page mode DRAM. This expands the capacity of your drive and results in a useable total capacity. Two or more hard drives are required. Ethernet 661vx-m presence Ethernet controller presence X.

Full power function will return when a Power Management event is detected. You cannot make changes to these fields. Connect the auxiliary case power supply connector to ATX12V. You can cause fatal errors or vldeo if you install the optimized defaults when your hardware does not support them. Video controller model Video controller model X.



Under this setting, the system dynamically allocates resources to Plug and Play devices as they are required. Processor manufacturer Processor manufacturer X. PC Health Status On motherboards that support hardware monitoring, this item lets you monitor the parameters for critical voltages, temperatures and fan speeds.

RAM minimal frequency, MHz. However, JBOD will not increase any performance or data security. This concludes Chapter 1. Choose one of the following items: Component video output on the back panel.

The result after creating will be show on step 8. Audio controller presence Audio controller presence X. You will have two selections to create a JBOD array. This lower the better, but some DRAM does not support low figures.

EliteGroup FX-M Motherboard Manual & User Guide – F:\videofx\FX-M7 (v).pdf – Fixya

Utility Software Reference All the utility software available from this page is Windows compliant. This board includes a built-in VGA system that does not require palette snooping so you must leave this item disabled. To create a Mirror array, follow these steps: Push the latches elitegfoup each side of the DIMM slot down. DOC file in the root directory.


Motherboard specification ECS 661FX-M7 (1.1)

Host cycles that hit the aperture range are forwarded to the AGP without any translation. Disable this item if you are going to install a PCI audio add-on card.

The third jack is for microphone. We recommend users keep the dafault value. Viedo greatly speeds up accesses to the system BIOS. The goal of RAID 0 is to ensure data security.

Conforme alle specifiche PCI 2. Floppy Disk Connector This connector supports the provided floppy drive ribbon cable. Activity of the selected IRQ always awakens the system.

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