Here’s some shots from a project that does NOT allow recording. Somehow in the MixConsole my inputs are all muted in this project. Also when I load a session, a screen pops up showing the ASIO inputs and outs – each labeled “pending connection”. Check to make sure you have selected the proper driver within Cubase. Also, have you checked. Who is online Users browsing this forum: But it syncs up fine with i-Tunes and other programs.

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Thanks for any help.

In a mono audio track in Cubase Artist I select input “Mono 2” associated to Right In from the Focusrite which is where my mic connection goes to and click on both the record and direct monitor buttons on the track and even combinations those. Cubase playback is good; I can playback my Cubase project no problem.

BTW, did you really mean version 7. I then successfully recorded into the program Audacity using both the M-Audio and Focusrite interfaces.


No valid license found??? –

I have no idea why. Thanks for your interest roel and Elektrobolt. But I’ve gone over them again and again. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Thank you guys for your help.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1. I’m mentioning these because of the sticky post on how to post an issue. Seems I didn’t activate the proper license Do’h!! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Synergy, novation zero SL vsti: I’ve also tried asio4all. EDIT part 2 – I just reinstalled cubase and everything works now. So maybe I thought I was muting something else.

Please help me before I go insane. M-Audio Axiom Pro And finally the track. I just keep getting no valid asio driver appearing in the device setup window. Various 12 and 6 string guitars. Google [Bot] and 10 guests.

ASIO driver problem –

I don’t think they are relevant. I’ll look into your theory but not sure how the editor windows could not be synchronized.

Everything was working perfectly previously and I’m not aware of any significant changes recently. A few days ago I bought a YamahaMGc-usb mixing desk. I have unplugged the interface’s USB cable from my workstation and restored it, wiggled various connections, and so on. Only other VSTi besides Steinberg includeds is a free one for Indian instruments that’s been installed for many weeks now without issues.


I feel really stupid but I won’t run and hide. Also, could it valud that your mixer is not set to synchronize with the project window? Vald some shots from a project that does NOT allow recording.

That is where the other licenses came from Elcc. Cubaze picked a bad day to quit smoking reefer! I formatted and it hasn’t worked since. I’ll see if I can figure out how to review the input audio chain.

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